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Stroke strikes suddenly. Without warning. An active life can suddenly pass away or change to a life dependent on help to manage the most basic of everyday life. It’s like a sudden aging and relatives gets much affected.

Today leading researcher at Karolinska Institutet see that there is great potential to highly improve the diagnosis for those affected by stroke. What is needed is the right help at the right time. It may sound easier than it actually is. Considerable research efforts are needed for better and more refinined treatments. It involves improvements at all stages during an acute stroke. In order to save lives. To reduce the damage that occurs in the brain due to a stroke – from a clogged vessel or bleeding. Mission: Fight Stroke (in Swedish Uppdrag: Besegra stroke) focuses on the acute phase of stroke because this is a time window with the greatest opportunities to intervene and limit brain damage

For every minute that passes two million neurons dies. For every minute that passes the lifespan is shortened by 3 weeks, for each hour of approximately 3.5 years.
Many things affect the outcome of a stroke and, therefore, Karolinska Institutet’s researchers in Mission: Fight Stroke designed a broad research program, in fact, the widest in the field of stroke research, to ensure success.

Styrkan med Uppdrag: Besegra Stroke är att det är en bred satsning som omfattar flera delområden. Det är den hittills största samlade satsningen i världen för att minska den akuta skadan vid stroke. Det är därför ett mycket viktigt initiativ och jag hoppas att många stödjer denna kraftsamling – att besegra stroke en gång för alla.
Prinsessan Christina, fru Magnusson
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